Rolling Teapot - Pixar RenderMan Challenge Winner

This is my final entry to the Rolling Teapot - RenderMan Art Challenge. I won the 1st place among lots of incredible work from talented artists! Here are also some images to illustrate the creation process. I was responsible for the idea conceptualization, textures, shading, lighting, grooming and composition. Teapot and girl model by Brice Laville. Teapot and girl concept by Tom Robinson

The Idea was to imagine a Look Developer's digital work-space in real life (analog). The 3D grid is the cutting board, the shaders and materials are paints and there's even a case of marschner's hair and a box of ray samples (for path-tracing of course).

Fabio sciedlarczyk finalimage

Final Image.

Fabio sciedlarczyk girlstudio

LookDev - Girl.

Fabio sciedlarczyk hair

Grooming - Hair Detail.

Fabio sciedlarczyk tank03

LookDev - Tank.

Fabio sciedlarczyk makingof

Making Of - Set creation and lighting.

Fabio sciedlarczyk process

Making Of - Compositing background image.

Fabio sciedlarczyk l3h

Concept - Layout and Lighting.

Fabio sciedlarczyk paint

Concept - RenderMan paint bottle.

Fabio sciedlarczyk paint2

Concept - RenderMan 21 and 19 (legacy) paint bottles. Box of ray samples.