Bradesco - Vagalume

This project is a TV advertisement for a Brazilian bank. I was responsible for texturing and shading 9 of the characters (turntables below) as well as creating all the vehicles shaders which were completely procedural. A huge shout out to Pedro Conti, character lookdev supervisor on this project that did an incredible job on the main characters and overall lookdev direction.

Bradesco Vagalume Campaign Movie

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Campaign Poster

Oswaldo Turntable

Jorge Turntable

Raquel Turntable

Vitinho Turntable

Marcelo Turntable

Jess Turntable

Fabiana Turntable

Celeste Turntable

Pedroca Turntable

Truck Turntable

SUV Turntable

Car Turntable


Bus Turntable