Everything and the Kitchen Sink - Pixar RenderMan Challenge Winner

This is my final version and breakdowns for the RenderMan challenge. The challenge was to open UVs, light, texture and shade a complete kitchen asset provided by Pixar. Model by the amazing Christina Maria Faraj. I ended up winning the first place with this image! It was an amazing opportunity to interact with other RenderMan users and showcase my work.
I used Substance Painter and a lot of RenderMan procedurals to do the texturing. Maya 2017 was the software used to manage the scene and it was rendered in Renderman 21.4

Fabio sciedlarczyk final

Final Image

Video - Some Kitchen shots in motion

Fabio sciedlarczyk pnevnqs

Lighting - Clay Materials and Fog Test

Fabio sciedlarczyk e8ricuq

Shading Process - Dirty Pan and Dishes

Fabio sciedlarczyk mircebl

Shading Process - Sink Faucet

Fabio sciedlarczyk zrjmqyp

Shading Process - Sink Materials

Fabio sciedlarczyk n2vp7gd

Shading Process - Kitchen Window

Fabio sciedlarczyk o02cv52

Shading Process - Mixer Toaster and Measuring Cup

Fabio sciedlarczyk r3kyqp0

Shading Process - Procedural Glasses and Shelf Items

Fabio sciedlarczyk fn5ezfa

Shading Process - Bread, Books and Table

Fabio sciedlarczyk 9cknk5b

Shading Process - Smarket Bag

Fabio sciedlarczyk jl8hgve

Shading Process - Procedural Garlic

Fabio sciedlarczyk 31g4ynv

Shading Process - Paper Towell and Wood Shelf

Fabio sciedlarczyk sdrbo7h

Shading Process - Procedural Cereal

Fabio sciedlarczyk ckbjp7w

Shading Process - Procedural Cereal. One shader, many colors!

Fabio sciedlarczyk jw2fe7o

Shading Process - Oven

Fabio sciedlarczyk gxh8u47

Shading Process - Oven and Teapot